The menu of the Domižana restaurant combines a dose of the traditional, a large spoonful of modern, a few cups of creativity and an immeasurable amount of passion from our chef Spasel Krešić, who has achieved four Michelin recommendations in his career.

While you are slowly imagining the flavours that await you in the Domižana restaurant, take a look at what else from our menu could entice your palate.

When it comes to specialities you will find on the menu of the Domižana restaurant, you will see that it is not exclusively a fish restaurant. Fish is undoubtedly an integral part of our menu, but there are also be meat specialities, as well as delicious snacks such as sandwiches, pizza, burgers.

There are also a few surprises from our chef.

What needs to be emphasized is that our dishes are prepared from ingredients that we procure from proven local producers, but also that we serve homemade food - homemade pasta, homemade pesto, and many other delicacies. We are obsessively looking for the best, tastiest ingredients we can find from farmers, growers, and producers in the local market.

By combining such ingredients, we create innovative flavours and fresh, colourful, and extravagant dishes that will surely impress even the biggest hedonists.


À la carte offer

Continuing your gastronomic story in the Domižana restaurant, be sure to add cuttlefish risotto served with parmesan chips to the fish menu. Those who opt for meat will not go wrong with homemade pljukanci - lamb ragout served with cheese in pomace and arugula, and there is also a speciality of the house - rump steak Domižana (dry-aged) served with mashed potatoes, mushrooms, pancetta and puff pastry.